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Meet the latest from Azzaro, Chrome Pure. Two years in the making by noses, Jacques Huclier and Olivier Pescheux. Chrome Pure focuses on special bonds such as that between a father and his son witnessed during spontaneous moments, instances when time seems to stand still, magical everyday interludes that stay with you for the rest of your life.

Chrome Pure highlights moments of communication and pure happiness, intense in emotion, which are the sign of a unique relationship, as durable as chrome, and of priceless simplicity and authenticity.

The citrus-oriental-woody fragrance, Chrome Pure revisits Chrome’s emblematic freshness, creating a more textured and vibrant feel, with the addition of two new ingredients: The spicy-woody accents akigala wood and tonka bean join the white musks and mate leaves of the original version.

Chrome Pure is a crisp fragrance, synonymous with purity, combined with a real feeling of vibrant freshness and strength, structured around three perfect moments:

• At dawn, a cocktail of citrus notes blending bergamot and mandarin offers an appealing instant freshness.

• At the zenith, Chrome’s aquatic facet meets all of the intensity and resonance of akigala wood, mellowed by an orange blossom note.

• At dusk, last but not least: teamed with musk, smooth and warm tonka bean and woody notes of cedar, both sourced from eco-responsible channels, bring depth and sign the fragrance’s sensual and addictive oriental character.

Azzaro Chrome Pure Eau de Toilette can be purchased from John Lewis and all other good retailers.


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