Coach: Meet Stuarts girl – Spring 2015

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Camerontewson_frontrowedit Everybody come together  – free!  Meet the Coach girl. Created by Stuart Vevers the newly appointed Creative Director of Coach Inc, the American brand founded in 1941.

She was a clear American dreamer with an optimistic vision in mind, smart outsider who dresses with a cool effortless ease and sense of spontaneous freedom. She’s graphical yet colourful and a strong elevator on the term ‘boyish femininity’. A true sense of nostalgia and tradition remixed reforming the strong heritage of the label. All 26 models walked to Cat Power – Free showing that carefree vibe. Mixed in was a cute collaboration appeared on the reformed accessories for Spring 2015 with artist and animator Gary Baseman showing a dark playful creature each signature and unique to the Coach girl.

Backstage at the West 22nd Street venue, Stuart said its a ‘celebration of oddness’. Coach has changed, and changed for the good. With the cool of the city and the love of the 70’s powering the apparel on her back which consisted of shaggy outerwear, critter-knits,  leather satchels (including new shapes such as the Tantum Tote), clogs not to forget the long flare silhouettes versus the short mini shirts showing an elevated difference in her appearance.


Faux fur and mini skirts @coach I love creative director Stuart Vevers

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