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99630_960nOften attending shows and receiving invitations give you a true hint of what to expect by the fashion house  at their latest showing for that season. That rang true for the Spring 2015 season for luxury house, Fendi. Orchids (one of my favourite floral displays) on stamped cards show attendees and this appeared again all over the collection.

I was happy, the inspiration behind this was less clear as no time by the god of our industry himself, Karl Lagerfeld. He said he had been looking at fashion and architecture and how they express the culture of the art of the early twentieth century. He cited large Roman headquarters of Fendi Palazzo della Civiltà Italian, for example. Certainly, there was a strict line of these mini black dresses with asymmetrical swooshes, but this was a gift that he was young and sometimes playful which creates a cute fun twist on the Fendi gal.

Back to the Orchid reason – it was known, it appeared repeatedly from the start, through embroidered dresses, laser cut leather and meticulously worked in black leather jackets. Precious skins (note also these great bracelets braided crocodile dresses and stacked in multiples) and savoir-faire is what this house is known. That came to the fore in suede jackets Razor central sections were cut into strips and glazed in glossy white lacquer. Cute huh? Denim is shaping up to be a great story of the spring I found, and came back to Fendi to reinstate that. In the form of breeches or pants complete with matching shirt and baggy tracksuit jacket abbreviated.

As expected Fendi bags were a great attraction and showing a strong sell through in all major retailers that stock the accessories line. A small Peekaboo come in multiple finishes and the famous Baguette was back in the shoulder, inlaid with precious stones and other precious materials, one even came with its own clear plastic cover.

Fendi you were cute, chic and remained to stick to the brief. I love you. xo














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