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Firstly, I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. I hate shopping. The only thing I am remotely interested in is the latter end of putting a look together through shoes and accessories. Recently online while browsing for a sensible summer shoe, I discovered a brand called G.H Bass & Co. I am a sucker to find out the History of anything so I decided to dig deeper and find out more!

Originally discovered back in 1930 an Editor from Menswear title, Esquire magazine spotted local fishermen in a native farm shoe. Taking a pair back to the United States, G.H. Bass & Co. was commissioned to create a modern version of the Norwegian farm shoe and in 1936 the ‘Weejun’ – a playful derivative from ‘Norwegian’ was born! Since its arrival, the shoe has been popular with many and has been spotted on the feet of world famous style icons including JFK, Michael Jackson, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn (all pictured).


After purchasing two pairs of the brands shoes online, I have fallen in love with them. They are effortlessly stylish and beyond comfortable. Weejuns have been around for generations and after seasons upon seasons its quite refreshing for he brand not to loose its identity within its style or approach. The ultra stylish spin on a Norwegian farm shoe designed for “loafing in the field”, the Bass Weejuns design has been slightly updated over the decades to capture the spirit of the modern age. However, never have these shoes lost their timeless quality, making Bass Weejuns the preferred shoe for stylish gentlemen (and ladies) everywhere! They also have pretty cool competitions if you are a lover. Check out here!

Meet Layton Kiltie, one of my summer styles.. of course in black!


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