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This season marked the brands the brand’s 30th anniversary. That’s 30 years of apparel clothing that actually defines the real nature of what we call ready-to-wear. The reason why we all run to buy the latest designs, or often in my world, start a pilgrimage of shows across the world. With often literally, basic – basics, its unclear why APC became one of the most beloved brands. So what? But one might argue, their denim is incredibly cut, the T-shirts actually don’t disappear or shrink after one wash like our other ‘favourite brands’ which really counters the part, why, are they?

Trench coats and white shirts are ultimate essentials to have in any wardrobe and essential the APC brand. The business has incredible branding and is aesthetical perfection, just like the boutiques, music albums and candles that is also on offer. What’s best – although APC shows during Paris fashion week, it stays surprisingly affordable which makes me love it even more.

For autumn-winter 2017, as you might expect, the creative director decided to keep it classic. Anniversaries are no big deal. With a relaxed show, the clothes are the priority, so it’s guaranteed you will fall in love with every single piece. Fur jackets, maxi-dresses, even the thick socks and denim! Really, wear it the way you want. That the beauty of ready to wear.



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