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PARIS – Rick Owens: Is covering the face the ultimate fashion statement? Rick Owens presented his fall 2016 collection yesterday and sent models with huge hairballs obscuring their faces down the runway. In any other universe but Owens’s, this would have been incredibly strange. But for a designer whose runways have included full-frontal nudity and models 69ing the past two seasons, this is relatively tame to say the least.

The hairballs were meant to be an extension of the furry and long clothes that were part of this seasons trend from the house, Owens’s hairstylist Duffy told The Cut. And Duffy carefully kept the hairballs in place by putting balloons inside them and popping them with hairpins right before a model needed it.

The hairballs were also kept just loose enough so that, at the very least, models could see. But tuck those dreams away of having these *cough* chic accessories *cough* next winter to keep your own face warm, Owens apparently does not intend to sell them.

The good news is that the other style featured in the show, which the hairstylist lovingly refers to as “long, greasy hair,” should come pretty easily to the masses.

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