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wow wow wow! I have just received a call from the legendary Chris Moore whom had just sent me this incredible photograph of Erin O’Connor back from Alexander McQueen’s Autumn Winter 1999 – 2000 collection and had to share with you!


For those of you who don’t know – this collection was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s ‘ The Shining’. The show environment was an arctic, frozen tundra with a blizzard of snow and ice contained within a plexiglass cube. Icelandic sportswear included padded parkas, ponchos and chunky knits mixed with more nostalgic cutaway frock coats and long ballooning winding skirts. The collection had an incredible decorative, romantic mood was played out in the delicate colour palette of dusky pinks, greys and greens.

I had the opportunity to interview Chris back last December, before a celebration with the British Fashion Council and we spoke all things Fashion, photography and the term ‘supermodel’. See interview notes below:

Chris on his BFA Special Achievement Award
“It was wonderful, really wonderful. Obviously I did know it was happening – they did warn me during London Fashion Week. I was asked if I would accept and I said ‘yes!’ I thought I might cry during the ceremony… but I didn’t.”

Chris on his big break

“I started working the couture shows before there was ever ready-to-wear, from 1963 onwards. I used to work for various magazines and the Guardian. My real break came when I started working for Suzy Menkes and then I felt I must be established – which takes time.”

Chris on models
“When I first started, top models didn’t do catwalk. It was almost looked down upon! Versace really pushed the boat out with the models he employed to do the shows: top models which caused an explosion and made the shows go from strength to strength. Do I think we’ll see another supermodel again? Models are like seasons and generations. There are always new models coming through – we’ve had that harvest and then we’ll have another.”

Chris’ most memorable shows
“There have been so many! Many McQueen shows, Jean Paul Gaultier and Prada in the present day.”

Chris on the photographers’ pit
“I usually stand on a box – the box is very important in this job! It used to be rough at one time – really rough but it’s not like that anymore. They give me a bit more space now…”

Chris on the digital revolution
“When I was in Paris with Suzy Menkes, she wanted things to be quick. We used to use little Snappy Snap shops to get our film processed so she could get them quickly to the paper to get them in early. That just wasn’t quick enough and that’s when we had to go digital to meet deadlines.”

Chris on
“My wife Maxine Millar started We have runners who come and collect the flash cards from the cameras at Fashion Week and they whizz them back to the hotel, which we hope has very fast broadband! We have somebody in Paris, somebody in Milan, two people in New York and then we have people who save our places in the pit.”

Chris on musical influences
“Well, I like all music, from Bach to whoever! I like Bartók, and saw a performance a few nights ago which was a bit heavy but great. Phillip Glass, which Marc Jacobs used for their show with the escalators (SS/13). I discovered Depeche Mode through a Prada show – you mustn’t laugh! That’s what’s so lovely about this job – it introduces you to a variety of different music genres.”

Chris on the perfect shot

“One is always working on one’s style: perfecting things and polishing. It’s rather like a craft. You are always striving for the perfect shot – I’m yet to capture it! I’ll carry on for a little while longer. Why not? I enjoy it.”


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