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Though a number of luxury brands have taken to mounting their resort shows in increasingly unique locales and venues, Louis Vuitton’s runway show on Saturday afternoon looked objectively ok. The presentation took place at Rio de Janeiro’s Niterói Contemporary Art museum, a UFO-like building overlooking the water.

To complement the semi futuristic setting — and the hyper-modern designs Nicolas Ghesquière has been turning out since his debut at Vuitton two years ago — showgoers’ seats took the form of transparent and multicolored cubes, arranged in a snaking pattern that mimicked the twisted elevated walkway leading into the museum. That ramp, an unmistakable runway moment, was where Vuitton’s models entered and exited (pictured).

Bored out of their arse looking at the drab Cruise line presented in front of them,  at least editor must have been eyeing those cubes for their own home, there was a lot to like in the collection as well. For instance, the shoes that looked like some flip flops and a pair of gross Yeezys by Mr West, got together and made a baby – why you ask?

Was it the best collection to date? No. Where has Louis Vuitton gone? Generously acclaimed, Ghesquière a designer widely regard as one of fashion’s leading innovators? God help us.

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